New build, new maps, new spells.

This week, we released our next chunk of new content on our Steam Early Access, along with a lot of balance tune-ups and a big dialogues update. We also updated our build with the latest.

Full notes can be found right here!

We spent a lot of time testing and tuning this week and we started the final dialogue editing process. We have about 70% of the dialogues in what should be pretty much final form after writer Scott Hamm finished his giant pass on them. We'll still be focusing for 2 more weeks on creating the rest of the game's dialogues, then it'll be updated by Scott again, and then off to localization.
We're keeping a good pace on that front and we're on schedule. :)

We're also about 95% finished with the Voice Over for our intro movie. It's looking and sounding amazing and we can't wait to show everyone the final version! It should be ready Monday or Tuesday, so expect a quick update early next week!

Lately, we've been working on maps for optional/secret dungeons as well as the final battles of the game, so we can't quite show all of them, but here's one that should be safe to show:

Lastly, we've been working on the visuals for the abilities of one of our special classes. They should have a pretty unique style! Here's what you can expect, although it's still in the works:

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Nov 16, 2018 641 MB
Nov 16, 2018 638 MB
Nov 16, 2018

Get Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Demo

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