Release date announced and feature complete!

The release date for Fell Seal has finally been made official! Keep your eyes out for it on Gog, Steam, Xbox One and Ps4, on April 30th. Most of the above options have pre-orders available as well if that's your thing.


Progress Report

In terms of progress, we're pretty much done with everything at this point, and the current build should be a very close match to the Release build, once we enable the endings and optional end-game dungeon.

This week was spent fixing bugs, adding polish and going through all the list of TODOs and "would-be-nice" we've been accumulating for a year now. We've added a ton of new things this week and the game is now feature-complete! You can see the exact and lengthy notes for it right here.

 We still have a small list of features that we want to focus on after release and a bigger list of features that we think "could be nice at some point, maybe", so we'll see how that goes.

 With our Release in about a week from now, we're planning to spend the time left focusing on bugs, polish and some some PC-centric features, like modding, etc.

 I think we somehow forgot to mention it, but our Release Trailer is finally ready and live as well! You can see it right here:


We're almost at the finish line now and it's very exciting!

 As always, big thanks to everyone that's been supporting us all along!

Get Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Demo


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Found the following bugs (using update 1.0.4):

- If you are in Change Class screen, when you go Back, the cancel sound plays multiple times.
- When the game is in windowed mode and the mouse is not locked to game window, if you move the mouse cursor outside game window the camera keeps following it, making it almost impossible to play with keyboard only. (Ok, I suppose it can be fixed programming the camera in a way that it will not follow the mouse if it is not inside the game window rectangle.)
- Spanish translation error in Ancient Tomb:

    Debo continuar con mis estudios. ¡Estoy a punto de hacer un
    descubrimiento  posiblemente varios !
  It must be:

    Debo continuar con mis estudios. ¡Estoy a punto de hacer un
    descubrimiento, posiblemente varios!

wow! great job, really.

any chance for italian language?

Our publisher is looking into extra languages right now, but I admit I don't think Italian will be at the top of the list currently.

"Keep your eyes out for it on Gog, Steam, Xbox One and Ps4" Does it mean we won't be able to buy it on ? (and i don't mean as a proxy for a steam key)

I admit, I'm not 100% certain, as our publisher is handling the distribution completely. I know they're aware of, but I'm not sure what their plan is on that front.

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Thanks for answering !