Brand new UI graphics

This week we redid all of our UI visuals to get a new and slicker look. Here's what the character information panel looks like now:

We'll make a new free demo build with those updated visuals soon!

Progress Report

We've been quite busy this week, as usual. On top of the above changes, we've also been working on the Ancient Path dungeon and we have 1 more encounter left to create for it before it's all finished!

We also added class masteries to the game: once a unit masters a class, they will receive a small permanent bonus to various stats from then on. Switching to a different class will not remove the bonus: it's permanent and always there. Mastering all classes will stack up all those bonuses.

The bonuses can be viewed in the class selection screen:

Otherwise, lots of bug fixes, balance changes and some UI improvements. There's still a lot of balance tweaks we want to get in and a few more UI upgrades as well, so stay tuned!

Get Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Demo

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