Lots of progress, lots of new things!

Lots of progress in various areas this week!

We have a secret class in the works that should be available fairly soon. Their spells will be quite impressive! Here’s what you can expect from them:

We added a lot of new systems as well. We added a 2nd set of Key mappings for Keyboard/Mouse users, redid the way the gamepad/keyboard system works (you can now switch input sources on the fly), added new individual volume sliders for UI/Ambient sounds and redid the way the music dims during spell effects to be a lot smoother.

We wrapped up a new system to show treasures/gatherables available on a map. Here’s how that looks:

Our artist has been working on a new map, new spells and on adding visual customizations to the Bzil races w/r to which class they are using. Something like so:

Lastly, we just uploaded our first big content update on our Steam Early Access build. It’s loaded with a LOT of new stuff. You can see the full change notes right here!

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