Volcano map and new event.

This week, we've been pretty busy with our story polish phase primarily, but we still got a few other things finished. 

On the art side, the main exciting piece that got done this week is a new volcanic area map:

On the programming side, we've been working on scripting a new event (the after-battle part of last week's new story event) as well as updating some of our tools and systems to make the creation of scripted events faster and easier. And a few bug fixes, as always!

We've mainly been continuing the polish work on our story and we expect to be done with that very soon. 

Hopefully everyone had a great new year! :)

Get Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Demo


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Very excited for the progression of this game ! Also, think it would be possible to skip cutscenes in a future update ? 


Awesome to hear! :)

You can already skip cutscenes by pressing the Start button during a cutscene (Enter key on the KB), although you can't skip the "tiny cutscenes" that are in the middle of the battle that way, just the lengthy ones before and after battles.