New cutscene and portraits

Fairly slow week for us this time. With Christmas and my birthday in the same week, we honestly didn't have as much time to work as usual.

We still got some new art done, including a few more portraits:

Which include a Merchant portrait, a story character and some monsters.  

We also wrapped up the next story cutscene, which happens shortly after the battle at the Crossroads map. It uses the forest map we showed last week. Here's roughly what it should look like:


We hope everyone is having great holidays and a jolly good time! :)

Get Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Demo


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I tried the game demo today and I was really impressed with it! ^^
The characters look so gorgeous and I love that we can style our recruits as we want too!
The story so far seems really interesting too. I can't wait to see what else you have planned for us! Those portraits look amazing. I really love the art in the game! 
Good luck! Oh and happy belated birthday! And also happy holidays! haha

Thanks a lot friend! :)